Corporate team building

Corporate teambuilding has several goals: to enhance team and individual growth, improves and strengthens connections between team members, solidifies the cohesiveness of the team members, and strengthening the bond, trust and communication within the team.

The amazing Chase smart hunt is an example of teambuilding at its best. Participants are divided into teams and members are handed an iPad loaded with instructions to navigate specific routes. They hunt for clues, complete video and photo challenges, solve puzzles, and answer quizzes as they race to finish first. This high-tech scavenger hunt truly engages team members. Another example is: City smart hunt, explore an old landmark, museum, or even a whole city in this tech driven scavenger hunt. Utilizing text messaging, QR codes, video, social media, and GPS team members solve clues, answer trivia, perform tasks and complete challenges during the hunt.

Teambuilding increases the bond between members and reduces stress. Teambuilding activities can be indoors or outdoors, during work time or after, some companies hold lunch and learns and during lunchtime there are icebreaking activities that help employees get to know each other better.

Companies can host events and/ or activities on site. Another way to build teamwork is having classes for employees that teaches teamwork and team building activities.

Workplace teambuilding activities are an open subject that can be learned in countless ways. These activities don’t have to cost a lot and can be as simple as gathering employees in a room to socialize.

Corporate team building activities can be done by the company, by a hired company, or done by an outsourced company on their property. There are many companies listed on the internet that come to the company’s property to run the activities. However you choose to do the activities, you usually gain benefits you don’t expect such as closer employees, bonding and better communication among employees.

Team Building Activities