GoDaddy’s Premium DNS is the Product You Need

The most important aspect to a good website is it’s stability. Much of this stability relies on the website’s DNS. A slow DNS can cause a website to take a long time to load, or can even make the website come up as “website not found.” Not only can the DNS negatively affect the stability, but a bad DNS can make a website more vulnerable to hackers.

GoDaddy’s Premium DNS is the fix to those problems. GoDaddy will put your website on a Premium global network and on multiple servers around the world. Visitors will be coGoDaddy.com_nnected to the closest server and thus have the fastest response time. Their service also includes DNSSEC, which is a security feature that prevent hackers from hacking your website.

This great product only costs $2.99 a month. Not only do they improve the stability of your website and stop hackers, but they offer a multitude of support services to make your experience easier. They provide 24/7 access to DNS experts, built-in error checking, and advanced reporting and log tracking.

The GoDaddy Premium DNS includes unlimited domains and your website will always be online because they are backed up by a secondary DNS.

This service is second to none. The rates the competition offer are not even close, and the extra services they offer often cost extra. For $2.99 a month, GoDaddys is offering services at a flat rate that the competition is charging at least $30 a month. Not to mention all of the promotions and discounts you can get on godaddy products with this godaddy promo!

GoDaddy Premium DNS is a lifesaver if you are new to starting a website, and a money-saver if you have already been paying the ridiculous rates that the competition offers. They have an easy to use dashboard to help you get started, and they have gone the extra mile to make their service easy to use. You do not need to be a computer expert to take advantage of their greats services. Beginners will have no problem navigating their dashboard and improving their website.

Make your website stable and protect yourself from hackers with GoDaddy Premium DNS. Not only will your DNS be premium, but so will your website.